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About Sky Volleyball Club
2017 Club Teams

Sky Volleyball will be having the following teams for the 2017 Club Season.

12 Premier Practice Times: Mon 6:00 - 7:45 pm and Fri 4:30-6:30 pm

12 Premier Coaches: Eddie Chen, Mirella Villalpando, Geena Serles

12 Schedule and Cost:  $1800 per player

15 Power Practice Times: Mon and Wed 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

15 Power Coaches:  Dave Ma, Nicky Hagan, Sabrina Sudarsana, 

15 Schedule and Cost:  $2900 per player for 12 player roster, $3100 for 11 players, $3300 for 10 players  

All practices will begin in December end in May, and be at the Bladium, 800 W. Tower Ave, Alameda.  

USA Volleyball Age Definitions:

12 and Under Division (Generally 6th grade):

Players who were born on or after September 1, 2004

14 and Under Division (Generally 7-8th grade):

Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002

15 and Under Division (Generally 9th grade):

Players who were born on or after September 1, 2001

Club Notes:

  • We intend to have 12 players, however, the total team cost is fixed and so the price changes based on the number of players. 

  • We staff each team with 2-3 coaches so that we will generally have 2 coaches at every practice, however there will be times when we have 1 or 3 coaches as well.

  • Playing time is not equal but it is an important part of developing a volleyball player and as long as a player fulfills their duties as a member of the team which includes coming to practice and putting forth a positive team effort, a player will play in every tournament.

  • Payments are non-refundable, and are not subject to pro-rating, even with the case of an injury.  Players are responsible for the entire season of playing and payments.



Power League, 14 & 15:            

$2900 per player for 12 player roster, $3100 for 11 players, $3300 for 10 players  


Premier League, 12:          



Club Cost includes...

  • 1-3 coaches at each practice and tournaments, all tournament fees, all court fees and coaches travel.

  • Power Team:  2 jerseys, 2 spandex, 1 back-pack, 1 warm-up top and bottom, t-shirt.

  • Premier Team:  2 jerseys, 2 spandex, 1 back-pack, 1 sweatshirt, t-shirt. 

  • Returning players can save $200 with last season's uniform


There are no additional club fees, however the following items are not included:

  • $70 NCVA membership, food, individual player travel and lodging


Payment Options:

  • First Payment Due Monday 11/14/16. 

    • Power Team:  $800 non-refundable club registration fee.

    • Premier Team:  $400 non-refundable club registration fee.

  • There will be an additional 3% charge for ALL credit card transactions.  We can take credit card payments by email through PayPal.

  • Full balance is due first practice in January, or you can do a payment plans,  For payment plans a $20 processing fee is added to each payment:

    • Balance paid in 2 additional payments (Jan & Feb) + $20 processing fee each payment   

    • Balance paid in 3 additional payments (Jan, Feb Mar) + $20 processing fee each payment

    • Balance paid in 4 additional payments (Jan, Feb, Mar, April) + $20 processing fee each payment

    • Balance paid in 5 additional payments (Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May) + $20 processing fee each payment

Next Steps After Tryouts:

  • We will be making phone calls or sending emails in the next few evenings.

  • If you do not receive a phone call or an email, you are on the wait-list.

  • No teams can officially sign for any club until Monday Nov 14th at 6pm. If you receive and accept a spot, but change your mind, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can take someone off the waitlist.


If you accept a spot both player and parent need to come to the Club Commitment and Uniform Sizing Meeting:

  • Monday, November 14th 6-7pm at the Bladium in the back by the café.

  • Deposit and commitment paperwork due

  • Players will be sized for their uniforms

We still have spots on our 12 and Under Team !!!

12 and Under -  Players who were born on or after September 1, 2004, generally 5th and 6th graders.


Club volleyball is a lot of fun and our team consists of new volleyball players that have never played club.  We are looking for players that are new to the game but enjoy playing.


Practices are at the Bladium in Alameda, Mon 6-7:45 and Fri 4:30-6:30pm starting in December and ending the first week in May.  There are 11 tournament days on weekends.

Email the following information if you are interested in joining and he'll schedule a make-up evaluation.


Grade and School:



contact Phone #:

Tryouts November 2016
Contact Sky Volleyball Club

Eddie Chen is the Sky Volleyball Club Director

Eddie is the former St Joseph Notre Dame and San Leandro High School Women's Varisty Head Coach.  Currently a Physics and a Geometry teacher at Encinal High School, he is also a director and coach of SandLegs Beach Volleyball club (  


His coaching experience includes SJND Women's and Men's Varsity Head Coach, Golden Bear Volleyball Club, NCVA High Performance Beach and Indoor Teams, and more.  He is incredibly proud of his coaching staff as many are former players or his current high school coaches and they are all very positive in their coaching.  As the club director, he will manage and oversee club operations as well serves as an assistant coach when needed.  His playing background is as a setter and outside hitter, but he currently plays beach doubles.  He is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance and believes in positive coaching for his programs.


You can email Eddie at if you have any questions.

Club Philosophy 

Sky Volleyball believes that developing the complete volleyball player comes from a combination of quality coaching, teamwork, and game experience. 

Club Goals and Values

·   Team First.  Play as a team and practice good sportsmanship. Every member of the team is valued for their contributions to the program.

·   Respect.  Respect the ROOTS of the game.  Rules, Opponents, Officials, Team, and Self. 

·   Love the game.  Have fun learning, working hard, and putting forth your best effort.  Love the challenge that the game brings to you.

·   Practice and Play at a competitive level to prepare for the next level.  Always try your hardest in practice and in games. Work to be a better player and person at every practice.

·   Balance academics with athletics.  Successes on the court and in the classroom go hand in hand.  A successful athlete can manage the commitment between sports and school work.

Premier and Power LEague

In club volleyball, there is both Power League and Premier League.  


Power League is the more competative league where teams travel throughout the Northern California Area.  This could range from Truckee to Fresno.  Many power league teams are also trying to win a bid to the Junior National Championships in July by travelling further to play in Junior National Qualifiers.  This year we will have a 14's and 15's team in power league.

Premier League tournaments are more regional, and should be within an hour or two drive from Alameda.  For the first or second year club player in 12's, the premier league provides great competition and the opportunity for a player to develop all their skills.  

Playing Time

Club volleyball is a lot of fun but you also hear the unfortunate stories of players practicing but, then going to a tournament and never playing.  Playing time is an important part of developing a volleyball player and as long as a player fulfills their duties as a member of the team which includes coming to practice and putting forth a positive team effort, a player will play in every tournament.  


Some things to note:

·   We want to be a competitive club, however, not at the cost of having players sit on the bench.  On the other hand, we are not going to play players based on predetermined minutes, percentages, or an "equal play" rule.

·   As coaches, we want to play all of our players, however, playing time is not equal for all players.  This has to do with position and experience.  For example, some players specialize in the front or the back row, while some players will play all the way around.  Specialization is something that you will see more in tournaments, however, in practices we do our best to develop all the skills of a volleyball player.

·   Tournament matches are played the best 2 out of 3 games. Generally there are 4-6 matches in a tournament, depending on the format.  With 12 players on a team and only 6 players on the court, a player will not play in every game and sometimes not in every match.  Players learn from playing, but they also learn from not playing.

·   Winning is an important aspect of the game, and we are always trying to win, however, we are trying to win and develop volleyball players.

·   Players and Parents need to trust the judgement of the coaches in balancing playing time with player development. We will lose games because we are trying to develop players. We will win games because we are trying to develop players. A parent once told me, "If you knew we were going to lose, you could have at least played some of the other players."  My answer was, "I didn't think we were going to lose."

·   You cannot judge a team or a player based on the number of minutes they play.  I was once asked why a player didn't play a lot during the game.  My answer was that we won too quickly. The answer could have easily been we lost too quickly, but you get the idea.

·   Some great advice I got from a parent was, "When I come to a tournament, I come to watch the team, not just my daughter."

·   Sky Volleyball believes in double-goal coaching.  "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," is NOT what we believe in.  We believe that winning is the result of positive effort and teamwork.

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